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About Us

Adams Brown Company is America's oldest Horological Bookseller established in Chestnut Hill MA by Adams & Brown. Edwin B. Burt purchased the business and moved it to Auburndale, MA. Mr. Burt was the very last apprentice trained dial painter at the Waltham Watch Factory. His son Herschel moved the business to Exeter, NH where along with Olive Waye ran the operation into the late 1970's when we moved it to Cranbury NJ where it is alive and well. My interest in Antique Clocks and Period Furniture dates back to the late 1950's when I would watch my family restore Antiques in their shop. I bought my first Early New Jersey tall clock when I was in High School over 45 years ago ! They say it all starts with one clock, and then you're hooked ! Long before there was EBAY or an Internet, we ran a benefit clock auction for the Cranbury Lions Club for many years, and sold thousands of clocks. Today our shop has a few fine American Tall Clocks for sale, primarily from the Mid Atlantic States. There is always a good weight banjo and regulator on the wall as well. We are available by chance or appointment, so please EMAIL or call ahead.

If the time comes when you are thinking about selling your collection in whole or part, please keep us in mind.
Contact Information

Steve Petrucelli, NAWCC # 39793

Cell: 973-723-7947